Assess Basic Coding Skills


You can’t assess complex skills with multiple choice questions. Our interface takes testers through a hands-on coding evaluation, allowing you to easily assess whether their proficiency levels meet your requirements. BriskMind’s platform is also entirely automated, providing you with in- depth reports upon test completion.

Advanced Developer Evaluation


When it’s time to look for experts, BriskMind’s revolutionary assessment technology helps you find them. Our platform takes prospective hires through advanced, hands-on coding challenges, giving you direct insight into their proficiency levels and on-the-job potential.

Database Programmer Scoring


Forget multiple choice. BriskMind’s flexible platform lets you thoroughly evaluate database programmers before making a hiring decision. Our hands-on assessments test candidate application of database queries by requiring them to match specific outputs. Whether you run on MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, or anything in between, we’ll help you find the right people for the job.

Front End Simulator


You need someone who can efficiently create your envisioned frontend design. But how do you know who has the goods and who’s just knowledgeable about the subject? With BriskMind, you can run candidates through a hands-on simulator, evaluating their ability to produce the design you want via HTML, CSS, Java Script, etc. Forget guesswork. BriskMind takes the risk out of hiring.

Find Your Spreadsheet Guru


Tired of Excel “experts” with no expertise? Run your candidates through our hands-on spreadsheet assessment and you’ll know who’s an expert and who’s been padding the resume. BriskMind lets you automatically evaluate proficiency by comparing candidate-created outputs to the desired results.

Interactive Case Studies


Interviews are typically the most thorough way to evaluate a hiring prospect. They are also severely limited by cost and geographic reach. BriskMind’s advanced interface allows you to quickly and inexpensively simulate case study assessments with multiple candidates at once, giving you a wider, more efficient net then ever before.


Proctor Remotely Via Webcam

Our proprietary technology lets you easily detect common forms of cheating, Including:

  • Extra tabs or browsers open

Candidate absence


Additional people present

Hidden materials present

Theft of test content

Effortless Branding

Customize your testing interface

Never miss an opportunity to brand your organization. Our intuitive white-labeling feature lets you customize your testing interface to reflect your brand. Upload your logo, customize the interface background, and edit the color scheme to your specifications. We give you everything you need to make it yours.

Reports that Matter

Create the custom reports you need

Don’t settle for template reports. Your business is looking for specific qualities, and our flexible reporting options make them easy to find. Utilize Mettl’s in-depth analytics by tailoring reports to your exact needs. It’s never been easier to get the data your business requires.

Secure API Support

Construct custom workflows

Robust API support allows Mettl’s functionality to work cooperatively with your core applications. Our REST APIs are specifically tailored for search engines and work seamlessly with all major LMSs, including Blackboard, Moodle, and more.

Conduct Remote Online Exams Securely



Our system automatically alerts you to suspicious user behavior, saving you time in the review process.



Monitor test takers live via our remote proctoring system. You can also coordinate with local proctors if desired.



Verify test-takers using our secure identification process. You can even limit candidate logins to specific IP addresses.



Easily record and review entire test sessions, complete with annotations and automatically flagged activities.



BriskMind integrates effortlessly with your existing LMS, providing instructors and students with a seamless experience.



Our system takes virtual control of candidate’s computers, transforming remote assessment locales into secure workstations.