Data Security

Security is more than features; it is a product’s groundwork


Why The Effort?

A product is only as good as the security that protects it. A foolproof measure that protects data from destructive forces, unwanted actions of unauthorized users, and falsification is considered among many a pipedream. At BriskMind, we come pretty close to achieving that pipedream.

Content Security

Copy/Paste Disabled

Each level is defined on the basis of competency levels; job roles corresponding to each competency level; managed by SSCs

Browser Tolerance

Options such as print screen or navigating away from test windows are severely restricted.

In-Test Security

Test Center Video Recording

To ensure transparency, the test center is monitored and recorded for the duration of the test.

Remote Online Proctoring Suite

Our proprietary technology lets you detect common forms of cheating, including candidate absence, impersonation, additional people and/or hidden materials present.

Offline Proctoring Suite

In specified cases, we can use the front camera of a laptop or tablet to monitor and record a test taker during the duration of an offline exam.

Candidate Authentication

Biometric Security Authentication

For the clearance to give certain tests, a candidate must verify his identity via either an iris and/or fingerprint scan.

Govt. Issued ID Authentication

Candidate ID is verified by mapping their presence with that of a registered government issue ID card such as an Aadhaar card.


For the purpose of analysis, cross-verifications and future review, test center, online and offline proctored videos are recorded.