Assessment, Research and Quality

At BriskMind, a trained team of experts handles content development and test standardization, following a stringent and systematic procedure to ensure authenticity. Leaving no stone unturned, we interact with experts and clients, and fortify results with a thorough market analysis.

Research & Guidelines

Post Market Analysis

We refine our inputs by studying qualification packs, job roles, occupational standards, performance criteria, target audience, and assessment criteria.

Evaluation and Validation of Content

In this phase of the assessment development process, we have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Independent Technical Reviewers (ITRs) evaluate and validate the assessments created by internal authors.

Assessment Framework/Blueprint

Duration of Test & Number of Items per Assessment

They can form the benchmarks for various education programs, training programs and recruitment range of HRM practices. Each job role requires performance of tasks; each task has a qualification pack (QP); each QP consists of NOSs.

Distribution of NOS and PCs

The assessment framework defines the marks distribution for tests and is usually obtained from the 20+ SSCs we are in partnership with. It also explores the item/question distributions, primarily NOS and PC wise, theory/skill allocation, difficulty levels, and Bloom’s taxonomy.

Assessment Methodology

Subject Matter Experts

In defining the assessment methodology, the author/SME, designer, and the content manager brainstorm to decide on item/question patterns.


ID Review

Before reviewing the test items, the Instructional Design Reviewer checks the submission for any plagiarized content. Checks include transition, flow and clarity of test items.

Edit Review

Handled by an in-house team, editors check for language correctness.

IT Review

An Independent Technical Reviewer (ITR) attempts the test items for functional and technical correctness.

SSC Validation

To ensure the highest quality of an assessment, we seek SSC validation, and incorporate their feedback to ensure validity and reliability of the content.

Dry Run

In specific cases, we run the assessment through a small portion of the population to assess its appropriateness for the target audience. Translators help  ensure that the test can be delivered in multiple languages.